Alliance Of Fire is the fruit of seed planted in 2004 by two seemingly unlikely friends. That seed lay dormant for 14 years, waiting for the right conditions to burst forth from the earth. The resulting bloom is an innovative marriage of rock, hip hop, funk, jazz, soul, r&b and pop.

From the very first moment, Maximus and Kayne sparked. Maximus’ poignant and casually delivered raps over Kayne’s emotional and genuinely unique guitar parts were impressive. It wasn’t to be then, there are always trials in the life of a seed.

Each spent the next dozen years doing their own thing, but still nurturing that seed. They worked, they raised children, but still they wrote, they played, they LIVED music all the while. Maximus filled notebooks and relentlessly practiced his craft for anyone willing to listen. Kayne played everything from packed clubs to empty dives with roots rock bands like Pick up Freud, Good Day For a Beggar and Amos Fortune, all with close friend and bassist Eric. Eric’s versatility, along with his chemistry and almost telekinetic connection with Kayne, made him the obvious bassist of choice for any future projects.

The message, the music and the vibes were there but something was still missing. They needed a voice that could do justice to the undeniably catchy melodies and nuances of the hooks. This little seedling had soil, it had water, but it needed the Sun to come to life.

Maximus met Erin through work, and once he heard her sing, there could be no other. Erin’s smooth, heartfelt and soulful delivery of every word and intricate melody will not only stick in your head, it compliments Kayne’s guitars and Maximus’ vocals effortlessly. Erin brings a calmness and clarity to the unbridled punk rock tendencies of the strings.

Almost all of the pieces were in place, but this project needed a heartbeat to bring it to maturity and bare fruit. Jonathan was the final ingredient. His phenomenal drum chops, creativity, experience and keen ear helped refine the sound and push the whole group to another level.

The chemistry of these five individuals has given life to a tiny seed, and that seed’s growth and potential have no limit. Alliance of Fire is much more than a random blend of musicians overflowing with creativity and aspirations. Alliance of Fire is more than the sum of its parts. AOF is special because it is a dream come to fruition. It is the direct result of hard work, persistence, practice and teamwork. Music lives inside of every living thing, and has the potential to touch everyone. Alliance of Fire is here to nurture your musical seed.


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